Books for leaders

If your daily task is to lead a team, then you know that it is a huge challenge to be able to not only head the people towards the right goal, but also to motivate them to follow you. These books will help you to better understand how to become a charismatic leader.

A leader is someone who can see beyond the problems of the moment, find the right path and motivate people around to follow. Of course, it is important for every leader to know how to work with people, how to plan projects, how to generate new ideas and how to implement them afterwards. Some people have these abilities from nature, while others who are just on the road of becoming leaders have the opportunity to develop themselves through new knowledge and experience of others. Take the opportunity to find the book that’s right for you, and will help you to become a leader faster, step by step adding the knowledge and skills you need.

In the book Drive, which was written by Daniel H. Pink, work environment problems and their solutions have been analyzed in depth. The author’s new book speaks about the motivation of the employees. That money is not always the case of why people work. He uses examples from life that excite every reader.

The next book that should be read by prospective or current leaders is Nudge. Author Richard H. Thaler writes about what influences us to make decisions. How to manage others better and how small changes can positively influence the thoughts and decisions of others.

The third book – Originals, Adam Grant. Originals is a book about ways to popularize ideas and abstract thinking.

Peter. F. Drucker wrote a book Managing Oneself, where he describes principles and suggestions about self-management or self-sufficiency. The book describes what you should do or what you are doing wrong.

The book Thinking In Bets describes in detail, how to cultivate a good and calm thinking manner, to make decisions in stressful situations. Author Annie Duke mentions her personal experience in this book.

Do you want to know how to become a leader based on 3 secrets? Then you should definitely read Ken Blanchard’s book The New One Minute Manager.

In the excellent book The Hard Thing About Hard Things, that was written by Ben Horowitz, is written about the ruthless truth – about failures and difficult decisions when starting up a new business.

The next book that needs to be mentioned is How To Win Friends And Influence People. Dale Carnegie with his tips in the book focuses on your interaction increase with other people. This is the key to become a successful leader.

The ninth book was written by Jim Collins. Good To Great is a book filled with solutions to transform your company from good to great!

Carol S. Dweck, book Mindset. The author has described, that growth thinking leads to great success.

Things Fall Apart is a book about some of the main reasons how a leader can get achievements. The author Chinua Achebe perfectly illustrates the life in a pre-colonial African village.

The author of the book Radical Candor, Kim Scott writes about how to improve business, better work environment and it is a general accountancy book for everyone who worries about leadership.

The Culture Code is a book where you can find 3 main skills, that promote collaboration. The author of this excellent book is Daniel Coyle.

The next book – True North, tells about the secrets in strengthening your authenticity and managing style. This success filled book was written by Bill George.

One of the final books is High Output Management which was written by Andrew S. Grove. It is not another book about a fortunate leader, it is a book where the main skills of essential entrepreneurship creation and sustainability are accented.

The final but not in any way less important is Robert B Cialdini’s book – Influence. The book gives unique scientific concepts and teaches how to become a convincing business master.