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Alison – a free online education platform focusing mainly on skills to apply in the working environment. It has 11 million registered students, 1.5 million graduates. The site has more than 1,000 courses available for free as of December 2017. https://alison.com/ Owner: Capernaum LtdCEO: Mike Feerick (April 2007)Headquarters: Galway, IrelandFounder: Mike FeerickEstablished in April 2007, …

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Bloc – Structured online training programs for software development and design for students who think about careers and are busy. Designed for beginners, focusing on results. Be prepared for a rigorous, challenging program that requires consistency, discipline and accountability. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills to build your own career or …

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P2PU  – Peer 2 Peer University describes itself as a ” open-education project ‘with unconventional structures and organizational principles that underline the continued development of student feedback. https://www.p2pu.org/  Headquarters: USAFounders: Philipp Schmidt, Delia Browne, Neeru Paharia, Stian Haklev, and Joel Thierstein https://youtu.be/bQqmIS7WQa8


DataCamp – gives free access to all the first chapters of 265 data courses and data analysis courses. The site offers: a programmer, data scientist, data analyst, Python programmer, data scientist with Python, data analyst with Python and quantitative analyst. https://www.datacamp.com/ CEO: Martijn Theuwissen (November 18, 2019 -)Established in 2014General Consultant: Madeeha RanaFounders: Martijn Theuwissen, …

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Learnable, an interactive platform that teaches to encode. Learn how to encode, create apps, home pages. Learnable offers your program in a playful atmosphere – earn the meanings and raise the level. The company says: “The learning to encode has never been so simple yet.” Suggested Courses: Swift, Java, C++, C #, Ajax, SQL, TypeScript, …

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ITProTV, an online IT training platform that offers the opportunity to start your IT career today, or to improve qualifications in existing trades. ITProTV offers to learn lessons in the format of a talk show. Access virtual laboratories and perform tests. Answer the IT certification exam practice questions until you are sure you are ready …

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Plural Sight

Plural Sight – the company specializes in myriad technology areas: software development, IT operations, data, information and cybersecurity, business, architecture and construction, and production and design. https://www.pluralsight.com/  Headquarters: Farmington, Utah, United StatesFounded: 2004, Cedar ValleyParent company: PluralsightSubsidiaries: PL Studios, Inc., Massive Studios Inc.,Founders: Aaron Sconnard, Fritz Eating, Bill Williams, Kate Brown https://youtu.be/iAG3uT-_tR8


edX – a broad provider of online courses – more than 2400 courses – from learning the language of riveting – to Python programming and electro mechanical engineering. EDX organizes online university-level courses in a wide variety of areas. Some courses are free. EDX conducts studies on learning based on how students use this platform. …

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Skillshare – the communion of American online teaching for people who want to learn from educational video. Most courses are focused on interaction, not static lectures. The main aim of the courses is to complete one of the selected projects in the learning process. Skillshare offers courses such as animations, design, illustration, lifestyle, photo/video etc. …

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Kelbyone – Learn photography, Photoshop and Lightroom – together with the best players in the industry. Kelbyone mentors irphotographs, designers, writers, dreamers, reviewers, builders, artists, tinkerers, teachers and students. Quote from Kelbyone: “We’re neighbors, moms, dads, friends, cousins; we’re family. And we teach other photographers and designers how radit pictures they’ve always dreamed of.” https://kelbyone.com/  …

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