General Assembly

General Assembly – offers training to both students and companies that want to improve the knowledge of their employees. Offers: software engineering, data analysis, UX design, digital marketing, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc. Training shall be classified in 3 categories:
Full-time – Call yourself and change your career through a 10-13-week curriculum.
Part-time – Improve your professional potential. Learn skills in your spare time: evening, weekend or 1 weeks in accelerated courses.
Online – Learn at any level, anywhere. Get full-time training and flexible part-time lessons.
Pay later, find out now
With GA Catalyst, you can take a full-time GA course free of charge, then repay the tuition in monthly payments. 
Established: 2011. Per year
Founders: Jake Shriver, Adam Pritzker, Brad Hargreaves, Matthew Brimer
Parent Organization: Adecco Group
Headquarters: United States, Vienna, Austria
Subsidiary: Bitmaker Labs Inc.
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