Professions that’ll soon disappear

Many look at the future with a hopeful look, thinking about new, modern technologies and new opportunities, that the future could hold. The revolution of automated technologies is rapidly approaching. However, not all view this future without concern. A lot of economists and engineers warn that many professions will become automated. There is a part of people who think that our future doesn’t look that promising in terms of professions. There has even been research at the University of Oxford, where it was discovered, that 47% of our current professions will disappear over the next 10 – 30 years. Some of the professions will even be fully automated or at least upgraded enough to require only a small portion of the manual work. Therefore, this will greatly affect your planning manner in the future. And if you are currently working in one of the following professions, it would be very wise to think about alternatives timely. The further listed professions have the potential to not exist in the following 10 – 30 years.

One of the professions that may disappear in the future is a driver. Let me put it this way – if your job consists of conducting any machinery or vehicle, it means, that you will soon be unemployed. Taxi drivers, public transport drivers, truck drivers, and delivery drivers – everyone is on the verge of being fully automated. Because a self-driving car doesn’t need to stop to rest or to have a meal. In the near future buying a self-driving car would be the same as buying a lift. Just a press on a button and it will take you anywhere you will need.

Next profession – farmer or agriculturist. Believe it or not, but farmers are already replaced with artificial intelligence. If the land had to be physically processed in the past, then now it can be done with the help of drones or satellites. The same applies to sowing, harvesting, transporting the harvest. The rapidly developing agriculture technology will reduce the need for handwork. There will be a need for more machine operators and engineers. Agriculture will become more like programming and technology repair.

You won’t be able to see young students offering you coffee or burgers soon. It has to be accepted, that fast-food employees won’t be needed anymore. Currently, with artificial intelligence and robots, it is possible to order and pay for food yourself. The only thing left is to pick it up. There is no need to wait in long queues, it is very easy to order food on your mobile phone. It will not only influence employees but also cooks. Robots are much more precise and can work without any rest. In any case, the staff will face an obvious minority.

Speaking about the fast-food staff, it can’t be ignored, that grocery store cashiers are also threatened with the same fate. Surely, you’ve already noticed self-service cash-desks in nearly every grocery store. Although there is a salesperson, who observes everything and helps clients, it also can’t be denied, that we aren’t far from the point where none would be needed. In such stores, it can be observed that not all cash registers are working. Only 2 out of 5.

These are only some of the professions, that may disappear soon. Some professions like a postman, lumberman, travel agents, dispatchers, bartenders, military pilots and soldiers, accountants, builders, and even film stars were not even mentioned. 

Perhaps not all of these professions will be extinct by 2050 because many places in the world will not have the resources to afford to replace their systems. But are you ready to work with artificial intelligence?

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