Kāpēc mācīties tiešsaistē bez maksas

Why to study online?

Taking into account rapid changes in the labout market, shorter training courses in some specific areas are becoming more popular. If earlier to get high quality world class education, you had to make enourmous investments, live abroad (which means being away from family and most ofthen – not receiving any income), then now, thanks to the development of technoligies, it is possible to get high quality education just when sitting home in sofa or at the beach – by learning online. And after finalization, receiving certificate. You can do it in the evenings after work, in parallel to your studies, or being at home with your kids – flexibility is one of the key words, if we talk about studies online.

More and more prestigious universitities acknowledge that  un supply of shorter online study programmes/training courses is getting bigger each year, covering wider and wider areas, offering free and paid content.

Learning online is quick, with proportionate costs and gives opportunity for each to choose their own learning pace and format from wide variety

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