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Why to study?

Continuous learning and constant self-development for part of us has become self-evident. It is crucial and does not depend from age or existing level of education.

If we talk about proffessional education – work environment is constantly changing, new jobs and fields are appearing, which you cannot learn in the traditional academic education. Technologies, tools and approaches in all fields are in constant development, making it necessary to maintain our knowledge and skills in appropriate level, not only in order to develop our career and get better position, but to be able to fulfull existing tasks and not to lag behind.

But if we look from personal development perspective – to expand some hobby or learn something new is more simple than ever. You can enrich your everyday with learning how to make good photos, learning new language or culture of some country.

But, if you are active in labour market and you are looking for a job (want to change your proffession or you have just graduated), same extra coursies may be beneficial to get the desired position.

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