Meditācija: Veids, kā sasniegt dzīves mērķus

Meditation: A way to achieve your goals in your life

Vai esat pārliecināts, ka dzīvojat pats priekš sevis? Varbūt jūs dzīvojat naudas, ģimenes, godkāres vai citu mērķu vadīti? Šis kurss parādīs, kā novērtēt un iepazīt sevi, ļaujoties meditācijai. Laimes sajūta nevar tikt traucēta ar ikdienas stresu un nepacietību, šis kurss dod iespēju iemācīties atrast spēku sevī un dzīvot tādu dzīvi, kādu vienmēr esat vēlējies.


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Necessity of self-reflection

2 H


Principle and practice of self-reflection

2 H


Copied world and real world

3 H


The methodology of mind cleansing

2 H


Self-reflection and the mind cleansing in ordinary life.

2 H


Starting point of new life, life with wisdom and the peaceful world

3 H

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The mind is memorized thoughts of my lived life, habits inherited from my parents and thoughts of my body. Those are all stored in my brain, which cause all my thoughts and actions. Those become many different thoughts, fixed frame (fixed idea and prejudice) , causes of conflicts in human relations and stress. You become unhealthy. I had not done as I had thought. However, those minds are all non-existent false (illusionary) ones. If you throw away the false mind, you can find the original existence of your true mind (true self).

It is the false mind thrown away. The true mind exists eternally, and does not disappear because it is real. If you recover this true mind of your original self, the inner potential of positive power are revealed and you can be successful in any area by doing one thing at a time. You can be healthy, happy and live a complete human life. Human completion is to exceed your boundaries and live with your neighbors in the world in happiness and harmony. You can attain the creative and convergent mind required in this time.

Yes. Students who successfully complete the class will receive a Statement of Accomplishment signed by the instructor. The final grade is based on 12 quizzes (60% of the final grade) and 6 assignments (40% of the final grade). To receive a Statement of Accomplishment, you have to obtain more than 60% of the maximum score. To receive a Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction, you have to obtain more than 80% of the maximum score.

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You will practice how to close the gap between your current state and the future you want though self-reflection. Objectively you can evaluate your whole life at each age and find causes of your current state. You can subtract the causes in your daily life which results in widening the gap. Then, you can be a happy and competent person.

High school level physics and biology are recommended, but not required.

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in fulfilling his/her goals. Anyone who wishes to be a positive, sociable, reliable, and wise manager, team member, teacher, student, parent or friend.

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